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Kim Carmen Walsh (Dip Hyp CS, Dip CP) is a qualified hypnotherapist and counsellor working in West Malling, Kent. She is a member of the National Hypnotherapy Society and the National Counselling Society. The courses that she has completed in Hypnotherapy and Counselling are accredited by the Royal College of Nursing.

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Mindfulness, which originates from Buddhist practice, is about being truly present with kindness and inquisitiveness on a moment to moment basis, giving you clearer insight and a deep inner peace. It is a way of seeing life with the same freshness and newness as the vision of children, where you gain the insight of freedom, openness and compassion that is available the moment you chose to recognise it. Mindfulness helps you nurture resiliance to deal with life's difficulties and truly appreciate life's joys.

Mindfulness practice encourages non-judgemental present moment awareness and helps individuals achieve a clearer understanding of their mind-body connection and how physical sensation, thoughts and feelings are all interconnected to produce any given mind-set. If your are interested in experiencing how hypnotherapy and counselling with a mindful approach can help you deal with stress, anxiety, depression and enable emotional freedom then please contact me. I run my practice, offering hypnotherapy and counselling in Kent from West Malling, just 6 miles from Maidstone, in Kent.


King Street Therapy Rooms
6 King Street
West Malling
Kent, ME19 6QT

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Tuesday 10th June 2014

I recently came across this photo of my 18 year old self and it made me think of how much I've changed, but also how much of me is still very like this young woman. I am realising that my journey is one of coming full circle and it's incredibly healing to find out how much I have learnt to accept and love parts of myself that I had previously rejected. I would strongly encourage you to find words and feelings in yourself that you could send to your younger self. Anyway, following are those few words that I have sent to the younger me.

1. Losing weight does not make you happy, clever, funny, beautiful or loveable. You already are all of these.

2. Learn to laugh at yourself more. You’ll be amazed at just how funny you are and laughter cures almost everything.

3. Live in the present. The past and future only ever exist as thoughts; the present is where you eternally reside.

4. You will experience heartache, disappointment, pain and loss. None of these can be avoided and if you learn to keep your heart open through it all, you will be in awe of your innate ability to transform difficulties into fulfilling possibilities.

5. Dance more. You will either look incredibly sexy or very comical; both are fun and attractive to be with.

6. Learn to speak your feelings with a gentle conviction. What we feel is always changing and life is easier when we don’t take everything too seriously.

7. Love and look after your body as if it had been THE ONE that you chose out of all the billions you could have wanted. Just maybe you did and anyway, your body, which is also always changing, is a-m-a-z-i-n-g and deserving of care and respect.

8. Realize that what you are thinking doesn’t always reflect reality. Our true nature and reality lie beyond what we are thinking and have no limitations.

9. Always see what is brave, true and gentle in others. These qualities connect all of us and everyone has a story that will stop your heart.

10. If you don’t ‘get’ all of these points by your 20s, don’t worry. Life will continue to reveal these lessons to help you surrender, either gracefully or ungracefully, to the infinite wisdom and beauty of who you really are.

Sent with love, from your older self x

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